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Push Up Rack

TheWhole Push Up Board is made of high-density material, and the connection of the two plates is fixed by four screws, which makes the board sturdy and durable. Non-slip cushions, non-slip grips: Eliminate stress on your hands and wrists compared to traditional push-ups. Oversized handle with ergonomic design.

  • You can easily take it with you anywhere. Gym, office, park, beach, etc. Each of the four color-guided directions corresponds to the different areas you’d want to develop: shoulders, chest, triceps, and back. Simply changing the position of the hand can train different muscles.

  • Multi-function Push Pads provide multiple positions and angles of exercise possible to shape the muscles of your upper body. Different color areas can exercise muscles in different parts of the body: shoulder (red), chest (blue), back (yellow), triceps (green).

  • Double Lock:Utilizing Snap-Fit joints and Heavy Duty Plug-ins, the handles are firmly attached to the Push-up Board allowing for a steady and secure workout.